Give Yourself a Special Gift this Holiday Season

The Gift of Time

AgVenture Pinnacle - Happy HolidayYou can relate to the memorable moments that took place in farming this past year. During this holiday season we encourage all of you to give yourself a special gift, the gift of some time out.

Time out to reflect on this past year and acknowledge what went well for you, the opportunities you created and the wins you’ve had. The gift of this time is the opportunity to look forward, and design what you want for your farm for the next year.

Ask Yourself…


We’d like to help you plan for success.  We are AgVenture Pinnacle of Olivia, online at avpinnacle.com.

Happy Holiday’s from the AgVenture Pinnacle Team in Olivia, MN!

Spring Has Finally Arrived – Drive With Caution

Spring Drive With CautionSpring has finally arrived and that means everyone is excited to be outside!  We want to remind you to drive with caution this spring.

Drive With Caution

Whether you’re traveling for spring break or driving to work, remember that spring means kids are outside playing, people are outside walking and riding bike, motorcyclists are riding, and our favorite, farmers are planting.

Slow Down

Take the extra time this spring to slow down, not only in your car, but in your life.  Enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells spring has to offer.  Have a great spring!

2015 Planting Prep

The snow has melted, the grass is starting to turn green and farm equipment across the midwest is slowly starting to roll out of hibernation. Spring is here and that means planting season is just around the corner! Are you prepared?

Recently I had the opportunity to contribute to this article “Four Areas to Consider in 2015 Planting Prep” by WaterStreet Solutions. I felt it was important to share this information with you. Below are some key points from the article including a link to the full article.

What will it take to prepare for a successful 2015 planting season?

In my opinion, mindset is very important going into a crop year – it greatly influences success or failure. It will be important to approach the 2015 growing season with discipline, patience and strong belief in the crops potential, despite challenging farm economics.

These are four primary components to preparing for the new planting and growing season:

  1. PlanningPlant 15 Prep
  2. Agronomics
  3. Patience
  4. Execution


  • Anticipate the emotion that happens during planting season
  • Create revenue by increasing production
  • Mentally walk through your planting and growing season
  • Review “what-if” scenarios


Check that all inputs are ready by going through a series of questions. Please review the list of seed, trait packages, fertilizer, weed, production and yield questions in the full version of the article.


Be patient and consider the soil conditions before you start preparing the ground. Remember: By the time you’ve finished planting you’ve already dictated 75% of the yield potential of your crop! That’s how important soil conditions are during planting. In the full article I’ve included a few questions to ask yourself to determine if the soil is optimal for field work to begin.


  • Use the previous three factors to execute when the time is right
  • Preparation promotes a smooth season in the field
  • Keep your eyes on the ultimate goal – being the lowest cost per bushel producer

Prepare For a Successful 2015 Season

Make sure you do your pre-planting prep work and take time to prepare your mind for the challenges and opportunities that a new growing season presents. Start by reading the entire pre-planting prep article from WaterStreet Solutions and answering the questions provided. The team at Corn Capital Innovations would be happy to guide you through the pre-planting preparation process, please contact us for more information.

Read Full Article – “Four Areas to Consider in 2015 Planting Prep”

How do you prepare for the planting and growing season? Please share your tips in the comments below.

“Who’s Hiding the Humor?” Customer Appreciation Event a Success!

In the CCI office this morning, we are still smiling and chuckling from our customer appreciation event last night. It was definitely not one of those regular seed meeting that we find ourselves attending throughout the year. It was a night to honor our clients! A night of good conversation, even better company and a speaker who was honest, inspirational and humorous!

Who’s Hiding the Humor? – Jolene Brown

We were honored to have Jolene Brown come to Olivia and speak to a full house with over 140 in attendance! Her passion for ag advocacy, appreciation of hard work and ability to find the humor in any situation rang true during her entire speech. Everyone left the event with a more positive mindset than they came with. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

For those of you who were unable to attend our event, you’re in luck! Jolene will be returning to the area on Feb. 16th-17th, 2015 to speak at the Water Street EDGE Farm Business Seminar in Willmar, MN. Jolene is part of a group of top speaker who will share their expertise about managing a modern farming operation. We encourage all of you to attend and as an added bonus we are extending the Early Bird Rate to all CCI customers through December 31st, 2014. Please contact us for more information and to register.

Thank You!

Thank you for celebrating another great year with us, we enjoyed spending time with our amazing clients, co-workers and friends. The event was a wonderful success and we truly are grateful for your patronage over the last year. Please enjoy our collection of photos from the event below.

What hit home most with you after hearing Jolene’s speech? Were you inspired to advocate for your industry and look for the humor in life? Please share in the comments.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

“Who’s Hiding The Humor?” Event Coming on Dec. 2nd!

Jolene BrownIt’s our pleasure to invite you, our patrons, to join us for a fun evening at Max’s Grill in Olivia on Tuesday, December 2nd at 6pm to show our appreciation.

Jolene Brown, professional speaker, Author and Family Business Consultant, will be our keynote speaker. Jolene encourages, teaches, and celebrates the people of agriculture who feed, clothe and fuel the world.

Jolene spoke at a farm business seminar that we co-sponsored earlier this year. We were so impressed with her extensive knowledge, speaking ability and popularity with the audience, that it was a unanimous decision to invite her to speak at this event. Jolene will be presenting again at the Water Street Edge Farm Business Seminar on Feb. 16th-17th, 2015 in Willmar, MN.

“Who’s Hiding the Humor?”

Here is a short description of Jolene’s presentation:

All folks have a sense of humor; it’s just that some folks have a bad one! They haven’t learned that the benefits of a positive sense of humor extend to better health, understanding of rural issues, and positive farm family relationships. How long has it been since you’ve really laughed and celebrated who you are and what you do? We’ll do both as we answer the question “Who’s Hiding the Humor?”

Join Us!

We hope you can join us for an evening of great company, tasty food, and top notch entertainment! A formal invitation will follow in the mail.

The entire Corn Capital Innovations Team looks forward to thanking you in person at this event!

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