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Corn Capital Genetics, Inc. (CCG) was formed in Olivia by Steve and Summer O’Neill in 2008. The primary goal of the business was to help farmers maximize yields and profits. Steve’s knowledge and experience with yield building strategies coupled with the unique, 300 bushel per acre Maximum Profit System offered by AgVenture, Inc. set Corn Capital Genetics, Inc. apart from every other seed company in the business.

Steve also knew that maximizing production was only one of the four essential components needed to increase profits in a farming business. In 2011, Corn Capital Innovations, LLC (CCI), a new, exciting business model that never before existed was formed.

Steve and his team brought together the other three components of farm profit; crop insurance, grain marketing, and financial analysis. They coupled all three with the production side of the business. Their logic was that a farmer could produce very high yields but not maximize his profitability if he didn’t have adequate crop insurance protection, made poor marketing decisions, or didn’t know his break-evens. Production is the foundation where each of the growers begins. Then, step by step, they are introduced to each of the other 3 components. The goal is to get all of the components of the farm plan working together in a synergistic way to maximize their return on investment.

The team at Corn Capital Innovations, LLC (CCI) specifically tailors all four of the components of profitability to each individual farming operation, and according to Steve, the results have been remarkable. Corn Capital Genetics, Inc. (CCG) is now the production component of Corn Capital Innovations, LLC (CCI).

Steve says, “We love living and working in Minnesota. We believe some of the best people and most progressive farmers in the entire world live and work here. It is a great place to grow up and raise a family, as well as, to start and grow a business. We are grateful to all of our customers, business associates, and members of the community for helping us with our endeavor.”


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