One’s business is only as good as the community that is resides in. We take a lot of pride in not only creating a successful business but also giving back and helping build a great place for families to live for generations to come. Our mission at Corn Capital Innovations is to change the face of production agriculture as we know it.

Studies have shown that only 10-20% of money spent by customers at large, multi-national companies actually stay in the local economy. In contrast, locally owned companies return between 40-60% of their revenues to the local economy. So that means as our company continues to grow so do local area businesses that we work with on a daily basis.

To ensure that our future generations succeed they will need to have all of the same opportunities that we had growing up plus more.  It is our belief at Corn Capital Innovations that if we help build great character in our children then everything else will take care of itself. That is we take such an active role in so many local organizations.


We are very involved with:

BOLD Public School

St. Mary’s Catholic School

City Of Olivia

Olivia Chamber

City Of Bird Island

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