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Farming in an Industry of Doing 1,000 Things 1% Better

Life tends to be a road of continuing education.  Farming is the same way.

Farming is not an industry of doing one thing a thousand percent better.  It’s an industry of doing a thousand things one percent better.

That’s where we come in.  We understand that farmers work with very tight profit margins……there’s little room for error.  We help you implement improvements in each area of your operation.  When those improvements are done together….it improves your bottom line.

Educational Hub

Key to Success in Farming


Corn Capital Innovations is an educational hub for producers to be constantly challenged and informed on how to break yield barriers each and every year.  Learn more about Corn Capital Innovations and how we can help develop a continuing education program for your farm.  It’s the key to success in farming!

Check us out on Facebook or contact our team – give us a call at (320) 523-2252.  We’re Corn Capital Innovations of Olivia….a great hand in farming.

Bring a Relaxed Feeling to Your Farming Operation

Bring a Relaxed Feeling to Your Farming OperationSummer can be a busy time of the year, but here in MN we make sure that we fit in the activities that give us that relaxed feeling.

As we visit with the farming clients that we work with, we hear what they do to relax. Some love feeling the wind as they head down the highway on their motorcycle.

Some enjoy hitting an area lake to haul in their limit of Walleyes and then grilling them over an open fire while camping on shore. Others relax making smores with the family over a bonfire in the back yard.

Farming Operation

A relaxed feeling is what Corn Capital Innovations can provide for you in your farming operation.  We work with you, one on one, to attain your goals through:

Your Great Hand in Farming

Let corn Capital Innovations of Olivia bring that relaxed feeling to your farming operation. For more information, contact us at (320) 523-2252. We are your great hand in farming.


Hit a Homerun Using the 4 Components of Farm Profitability

If you’re a baseball fan….you know that the only way to score is by rounding the bases.  You need to rely on your coaches and work as a team.  Farm profitability is very similar.

4 Components of Farm Profitability

  1. Let’s say you are up to bat at home base….we’ll consider that production.  It all starts here….where you have the most control….focused on preparing the field, planting the right seed at the correct depth and nurturing it through the growing season.
  2. Let’s compare first base to crop insurance….protecting your investment to secure revenue and provide peace of mind.
  3. Now you’re heading for second.  We’ll call that grain marketing.  The most difficult job a grower faces.  Utilize Corn Capital Innovations experts to help you get the competitive advantage in the changing market.
  4. Third base is financial management and analysis, whether to buy a new combine or expand your acreage.  We help you figure out your profit margins, manage labor and set up a business plan.

Hit a Homerun with CCI

Visiting the field - NEPSRounding third and heading for home is putting all 4 components of farm profitability together for your unique needs.  That’s where CCI becomes a truly educational hub of information and a great hand in farming.

Let us be part of your winning team! Contact us at (320) 523-2252.

Touchdown! Successful Farming Game Plan

Every successful running back needs a good offensive line blocking for him to have a successful season.  A good game plan is also essential to the success of the team.

I’m Scott O’Neill. At Corn Capital Innovations of Olivia, we work with you to put together a game plan that creates more opportunity for you.

That plan consists of the four components that make up a profitable farming operation, production, crop insurance and grain marketing and financial analysis.

With you, we will put together the game plan for the 2015 crop year by looking at 2014 for what we can learn as agriculture producers.

The team at Corn Capital Innovations then becomes the offensive line….blocking the pitfalls of farming and opening more opportunities for profit for you.

CCI ClientsIt’s a team effort, with the goal of higher profits in 2015.

Let Corn capital Innovations of Olivia work with you to put together a game plan for 2015.  By starting now….you’ll be ready to answer the whistle.

Contact Corn Capital Innovations and find yourself a great hand in farming.


Farming is like a Four Leaf Clover…But Luck Has Nothing to do with it!

You might be wondering, what does a four leaf clover stand for if not luck? Well a four leaf clover needs all of its leaves to be complete. They all play an equal part in making up the clover. Farming also has four components, each of equal importance. Let’s review these four components of farming and how they contribute to a successful farm operation.

Four Components of Farm Profitability

  1. Four Components of Farm Profitability Production – the leaf closest to the stem. Production is where it all starts, and where you have the most control. This is the part of farming when you focus on preparing the field, planting the right seed at the correct depth, nurturing it along the growing season and taking ownership for your business!
  2. Crop Insurance – the leaf directly above production. This leaf protects your investment, secures revenue, and provides peace-of-mind. You need to make sure that your clover, or farm operation, is covered for the unexpected; the thing you can’t control; Mother Nature!
  3. Grain Marketing – the remaining top leaf. Grain marking is the most challenging job farmers will face. Utilize Corn Capital Innovations’ experts to help you gain the knowledge that gets the best competitive advantage when it comes to the ever changing market. Remain on top!
  4. Financial Management and Analysis – the final bottom leaf. Should you purchase that new piece of equipment or consider expanding your acreage? Corn Capital Innovations can help you figure out your profit margins, manage labor resources, and set you up with a secure business plan.

Maximize Your Farming Profitability

Success in farming doesn’t happen because of luck! Unlike a four leaf clover, you have the ability to make educated decisions and maximize your farming profitability. Every farmer and farming operation is unique, just like each four leaf clover in the field. Corn Capital Innovations provides a total farm business solution that can help meet those needs.

Let Corn Capital Innovations be the stem to your four leaf clover, our team is an educational hub that feeds the four components of farm profitability. Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how we can help positively impact your farm business. Or contact us anytime.


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