Putting the Four Components of Profitability Together

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Are you a baseball fan?  Maybe you’ve even played in a game or two?  You know that the only way to win a game of baseball is by rounding the bases and touching home to score.  You need to work as a team, rely on the coaches, and find a way to make it to home. The steps to reaching farm profitability can easily be compared to running the bases and rounding to home in a baseball game.

A baseball player can prepare for different situations when it comes to running bases in a game countless times.   But, how you handle each situation, when it comes to actually running the bases, can make all the difference.

There are many factors that can affect how a player successfully gets to home base; you can easily be distracted by lack of focus or controlling emotions.   A good base runner won’t let a large crowd, the score of a game, what inning you are in, or the competition affect your ability to make a good decision.  Every base runner wants to make it home, and with the help of your team and coaches, good decisions are easily made.

Just like running the bases takes smart and educated decisions, maximizing your farming profitability takes patience, good decision making, and putting trust in the coaches you rely on.

Let’s say you are up to bat; home base is what we will consider “Production”.  This is not only where it all starts, but it is where you have the most control.  Home lets you focus on preparing the field, planting the right seed at the correct depth, nurturing it along the growing season and it is where you take ownership for your business!

Now let’s compare first base to Crop Insurance”.  This is how you can protect your investment, secure revenue and provide peace-of-mind.  You need to make sure you are covered for the unexpected; the thing you can’t control; Mother Nature!

Next you are rounding to second which we call Grain Marketing”.  This is the most difficult job every grower will face.  Utilize Corn Capital Innovation’s experts to help you gain the knowledge that gets the best competitive advantage when it comes to the ever changing market.

Third base is Financial Management and Analysis”.  You may question whether or not this is the appropriate time to buy a newer combine; is it time to invest and expand your acreage?  Again, Corn Capital Innovations can help you figure out your profit margins, manage labor resources and set you up with a secure business plan.

Rounding third and off to home is actually putting all 4 components of farm profitability together. 

Each farmer and farm operation has unique needs and Corn Capital Innovations is the only company providing a total farm business solution.

So remember:  Making your own decisions, while trusting the guidance of the coaches, leads to a score!  Consider Corn Capital Innovations as your coaches; CCI is truly an educational hub of information.

Corn Capital InnovationsIf you want to make smart, educated decisions and round the bases to home, contact us today and we will discuss how the four components of farm profitability can positively impact your farm business.


Image by Wednesday Elf

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