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Maximum Production Is No.1

Maximum production is the most important increment of farm profitability. When growers produce maximum yields they have more bushels to protect, more bushels to market and more bushels to increase profit to their bottom line. That’s how important top yields are. Maximum yield is the quickest way to lower cost per bushel and increase profitability. When growers have top yields, the impact of fluctuating market prices and input costs on profitability is much less.

Today the number of acres a grower farms is no longer the most important measure of success. Instead, true success in farming is measured by the rate at which yields can be increased year in and year out on the current acres being farmed. Corn Capital Innovations knows that high yields surpass everything else as the number one factor to profitability including crop insurance, financials and marketing. They all come in second behind production.  CCI can help you grow your farming operation internally by integrating your production plan with what we call the Maximum Profit System® so you can produce more on the same acres.

The Maximum Profit System (MPS) gives the same results as farming more land without the extra investment. MPS is based on what we believe to be the most achievable goal in agriculture…300 Bushels of Corn and 150 Bushels of Soybeans per acre. Sound far-fetched? Remember that every bag of seed corn planted has the potential to produce 600 bushels or more of grain


High Yields Change How People Think and Farm.  It is the fastest way to take the pressure off input costs and market prices.

– Steve O’Neill

CCI helps growers:

  • Realize how much control MPS members actually have over yield
  • Open the dialogue within operations on what needs to be changed in order to utilize MPS
  • Realize how vital a comprehensive cropping plan is to one’s operation
  • Understand when technology needs to be used and when it doesn’t
  • Learn how to be an exceptional producer, not an average one

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