Bring a Relaxed Feeling to Your Farming Operation

Bring a Relaxed Feeling to Your Farming OperationSummer can be a busy time of the year, but here in MN we make sure that we fit in the activities that give us that relaxed feeling.

As we visit with the farming clients that we work with, we hear what they do to relax. Some love feeling the wind as they head down the highway on their motorcycle.

Some enjoy hitting an area lake to haul in their limit of Walleyes and then grilling them over an open fire while camping on shore. Others relax making smores with the family over a bonfire in the back yard.

Farming Operation

A relaxed feeling is what Corn Capital Innovations can provide for you in your farming operation.  We work with you, one on one, to attain your goals through:

Your Great Hand in Farming

Let corn Capital Innovations of Olivia bring that relaxed feeling to your farming operation. For more information, contact us at (320) 523-2252. We are your great hand in farming.


Is Your Tackle Box Full?

With below freezing temperatures and a fresh blanket of snow it must be ice fishing season. Time to put on the long underwear, Kick on your boots, pull down your stocking hat, and grab your fishing rod and bait.  Ice fishing is a lot like farming.  Every year there are new tools and technologies that come out to make your time spent fishing, or farming more productive.  Every year brings great anticipation in where and when the fish will be biting, but one thing is always certain, year after year it’s never the same.  To be an exceptional ice fisherman or woman you need to have several lures in your tackle box.  Similar to farming, you need to be willing to change when something is not working. I’m Jim Dumdei with Corn Capital Innovations and we are here to bring the right lures to your operation, from production to crop insurance, or grain marketing to financial analysis, we will make sure your tackle box is fully loaded to help you land that big one you always hear about. See you on the ice!

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