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Are You Prepared? Crop Insurance Deadline is March 15, 2014

Are You Prepared? Crop Insurance Deadline is March 15, 2014 Have you ever had your crop completely destroyed by hail, drowned out by rain, wilted by drought, or flattened by high winds? Weather is completely unpredictable and can be very stressful for farmers who plant their crop out in a field at Mother Nature’s mercy. That is why crop insurance is so important; it protects your bottom line and puts your mind at ease.

It is that time of year again; time to determine your crop insurance needs before the March 15th deadline.  It’s important to know and understand how history, trends and other factors can influence the planning process.

Crop Insurance – Crop Protection Options:

  • Revenue Protection
  • Production Protection
  • Named Peril Insurance, more than just hail coverage it can include fire, lightning, vandalism etc.
  • Add endorsements to cover additional perils.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how many bushels you are willing to invest, to insure your entire crop.  We review every policy and base the coverage on your farm operation and specific needs.

Don’t forget the deadline is March 15th, so give us a call today at (320) 523-2252. We can get you the protection needed and give you peace of mind in 2014.

How do you determine your crop insurance needs? Are you prepared for what Mother Nature has in store for 2014?

Top Questions and Concerns About Crop Insurance and the Answers You Need

Every year around this time we review and plan our crop insurance needs for the March 15th deadline.  It’s important to know and understand how history, trends and other factors can influence the planning process.    Here are a few of the top questions and concerns you may be asking as you prepare for 2013.

Questions that are arising from 2012:

  1. What will the drought with the high number of payouts do to my premiums?

Crop insurance is not the same as auto insurance and claims paid out will not automatically raise your premium.  It is county and state rated over a 25-year period.  In fact expect 2013 to be about the same as 2012 or it may even decrease slightly

  1. How will the Farm Bill and Government affect insurance?

By January 1st the bill was already intact so no changes are expected.  In fact expect it to be intact until 2014.

Seasonal Market Trends

Trends follow three peaks: Spring, Summer and Fall.  “Crop year 2013 is like 2012 on steroids” says Deb with Water Street Solutions (LINK).  “No two years are alike, even if you have the same weather, you will not get the same results (agronomically speaking).”  What influences markets?

  • SPRING = Acres in the ground, supply and demand, conditions
  • SUMMER = Heat stress, weather, drought
  • FALL = Price drops or price increases

Crop Insurance – Crop Protection

You will need to decide how many bushels you are willing to invest, to insure your entire crop.


  • Revenue Protection
  • Production Protection
  • Named Peril Insurance, more than just hail coverage it can include fire, lightning, vandalism etc.
  • Add endorsement to cover additional, such as green bend or green crimp & greensnap with extra harvest expense

When we are going into a higher commodity price in the Spring, we recommend higher coverage.  We would welcome the opportunity to sit with you individually and base your coverage on your specific farm and your needs.

Don’t forget the deadline is March 15th so give us a call today at 320-523-2252 and we can help you get the protection you need for your peace of mind.

My Crop is Lost, What Do I Do?

If this is your field, what are the emotions going through your mind right now?

Storm Damage is both financially and emotionally stressful and we understand that; it is our job to help farmers like you plan for the best and worst scenarios.  We encourage every farmer to protect yields at all costs.

We can’t undo what Mother Nature has already done.  You have to do everything you can to get this crop processed, harvested and not to let this year’s crop influence next year’s crop.  You have to do everything in your capabilities by the end of this year to be set up for the coming year.

“Never give up on a crop unless it is damaged below the thresholds where putting additional dollars into the crop will not surpass expected crop revenues.”  says Steve O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer and Owner at Corn Capital Innovations

Is this a disaster? Yes, it’s terrible but we can plan for these types of events!  If you are asking yourself, “why me”?  You have to realize that it happens to someone every year, everywhere, in different places.   If not you this year or last year, maybe it will happen next year.  Or maybe you have already been through it?

The time to review your risk management plan is not after the damage is done!  You can’t predict the future, so be prepared!  We would like to work with you now to set up your plan for the future.

There is a popular adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,”

Being prepared is to make ready (Mind Set)

To put together various elements (Crop Insurance)

The condition of being prepared (Risk Management)

Not only is there volatility in weather but there is also volatility in the markets.   Corn Capital Innovations can help you with both.  Do you have a question about the risk management options available and how they can benefit you?  Leave a comment below, or contact us today.

Crop Insurance for the Perils that Affect Top Yield

Corn Capital Innovations offers a full service of Crop Insurance products that cover many of the perils that affect top yield potential while providing you and your family peace-of-mind.

The weather is any one’s guess and having the correct insurance will certainly help to manage the risk that farmers take each and every year.

Crop Hail Insurance offers several options:

  • All or a portion of your crop acres can be insured. You decide how much risk that you want to handle and then we write the policy to manage that risk.
  • Crops can be insured at any time up to a specific harvest date.
  • Protection for loss due to fire or loss in transportation is available.
  • Additional coverage is available to protect your revenue, profit or to cover costs when you are faced with the need to replant when these benefits are not protected by multi-peril crop insurance.

Actual Production History (APH) coverage is available based on your yield history.  We will work with you to set a comfortable level that best fits your family’s goal.

With Yield Protection (YP) we can insure that you receive replacement income when your crop yield does not achieve a previously specific level, due to many different perils.  These policies are available on varying levels.

Both APH and YP plans are yield-based policies.  These policies are offered to protect you due to natural causes such as wind, hail, frost, drought and flooding.  These policies can be written to include the damage from infestation from either disease or insect.

Each policy listed above must be scripted to list each specific crop.  Coverage’s are paid only when or if production falls below the prearranged production that we will establish in the Spring.

Revenue Protection (RP) and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP/HPE) policies offer revenue protection based on both your actual yield and grain market price potential.  Either plan will combine your production history with current grain market price to establish the revenue protection.  RP plan does allow for fluctuation in market prices and will be based on the actual price in effect in the Fall.  The RP/HPE excludes the Fall market price aspect and limits the revenue guarantee to what was established in the Spring.  Both plans protect against lost revenue affected by low market prices, low yields, or a combination of both.

Corn Capital Innovations is here to help you make the best choices possible.  We understand what you are going through, because we have been there too.

Let us help you determine the next steps in protecting your crop.  Contact us today!