My Crop is Lost, What Do I Do?

If this is your field, what are the emotions going through your mind right now?

Storm Damage is both financially and emotionally stressful and we understand that; it is our job to help farmers like you plan for the best and worst scenarios.  We encourage every farmer to protect yields at all costs.

We can’t undo what Mother Nature has already done.  You have to do everything you can to get this crop processed, harvested and not to let this year’s crop influence next year’s crop.  You have to do everything in your capabilities by the end of this year to be set up for the coming year.

“Never give up on a crop unless it is damaged below the thresholds where putting additional dollars into the crop will not surpass expected crop revenues.”  says Steve O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer and Owner at Corn Capital Innovations

Is this a disaster? Yes, it’s terrible but we can plan for these types of events!  If you are asking yourself, “why me”?  You have to realize that it happens to someone every year, everywhere, in different places.   If not you this year or last year, maybe it will happen next year.  Or maybe you have already been through it?

The time to review your risk management plan is not after the damage is done!  You can’t predict the future, so be prepared!  We would like to work with you now to set up your plan for the future.

There is a popular adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,”

Being prepared is to make ready (Mind Set)

To put together various elements (Crop Insurance)

The condition of being prepared (Risk Management)

Not only is there volatility in weather but there is also volatility in the markets.   Corn Capital Innovations can help you with both.  Do you have a question about the risk management options available and how they can benefit you?  Leave a comment below, or contact us today.


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