Farming is like Fishing; You Need a Good Attitude!

Want to catch a lot of fish?  Check your attitude!

The fishing season is here and lots of people are out there trying their luck.  When you tell people attitude is the number one factor to catching fish… they think your joking.  Most people believe they go fishing to fix a bad attitude and it isn’t necessary to arrive at the lake with a good one.

But the angler’s attitude effects every decision he makes while fishing, which directly affects their success.

Fishing is just like farming.  Attitude is the number one factor that affects the decisions you make thru-out the growing season.  When you realize you can’t control Mother Nature, the market or what other people say or do, but you can control your attitude you’ve taken the first step to succeeding in farming.

Having a good attitude helps you relax, stay focused and enjoy farming a lot more.  Never put your boat in the water or enter the field unless you have a good attitude.

I hope your attitude helps you catch a lot more fish and achieve higher yields and greater possibilities this year.

Tell us your strategy for a good attitude in the comments below!

Patience is the Companion of Wisdom

“Patience is the companion of Wisdom” –  Saint Augustine

How many years have you been farming?  20? 30? 40 years?  Over those years how many times have you not been able to get the crop planted? Once? Twice?  The answer for most farmers is never.  While some years it may have not always been as early as you wanted and your crop plan might have been altered but eventually the crop does get planted.  So historically you do have the knowledge and wisdom to know that you will have time to get a crop planted.  Since you have the knowledge and wisdom then you must continue to have patience.  But as a farm boy myself I know how frustrating it is to be patient, especially as the days roll on.  It’s hard to be producer with no crop in the ground, after all this is our livelihood, it is what we were born to do.  But Patience is a Virtue in today’s farming world, especially with the 1000+ variables you have to manage throughout the growing season.

As we are at the middle of May the pressure that many of you are feeling to get your corn crop in the ground continues to grow.  But remember that you are on your own schedule, not your neighbors.  Do not let the “coffee shop” talk play a factor in your crop production plan.  The later we get in the year the more important your decisions are.  That means that your mistakes are magnified, not reduced.  Planting conditions must trump all decisions before you head into that field.  Not the date on the calendar or what neighbor Joe is doing.

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