Farming is like Fishing; You Need a Good Attitude!

Want to catch a lot of fish?  Check your attitude!

The fishing season is here and lots of people are out there trying their luck.  When you tell people attitude is the number one factor to catching fish… they think your joking.  Most people believe they go fishing to fix a bad attitude and it isn’t necessary to arrive at the lake with a good one.

But the angler’s attitude effects every decision he makes while fishing, which directly affects their success.

Fishing is just like farming.  Attitude is the number one factor that affects the decisions you make thru-out the growing season.  When you realize you can’t control Mother Nature, the market or what other people say or do, but you can control your attitude you’ve taken the first step to succeeding in farming.

Having a good attitude helps you relax, stay focused and enjoy farming a lot more.  Never put your boat in the water or enter the field unless you have a good attitude.

I hope your attitude helps you catch a lot more fish and achieve higher yields and greater possibilities this year.

Tell us your strategy for a good attitude in the comments below!


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