Corn Capital Innovations Makes Sure Farmers are Achieving Their Goals

For every farmer who has another crop in the ground congratulations on a safe & successful spring!

Many people believe that spring is the start to our crop year.  However, 75% of your crop yield potential has already been dictated. We know that weather has an impact on predicting a top notch crop, but, decisions you have made up until now have a much greater impact.

As you were in the fields this spring what did you notice?  What are the things you have changed or would have changed to be more prepared?

Did you know how well the combine performed last Fall by spreading out the residue?  Did you review your Fall tillage plan?  And what were the conditions this Spring as we prepared the soil for this year’s crop?

I’m Scott O’Neill with Corn Capital Innovations and as we worked with our clients this spring we were taking many notes on how decisions made a year ago are impacting our crop this year.  Throughout the growing season the plants will tell the story of your management plan as well as the environmentally stresses we face.

Here at Corn Capital Innovations we are working diligently to make sure farmers are achieving their goals.


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