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We’re excited to connect with you!  Because of that, this site was not designed and built to be an online brochure for our company but instead it is meant to be an online educational hub for our growers to be constantly challenged and informed on how to break yield barriers each and every year. Production was, is and always will be the key to success in farming. We hope you visit often and that together we help your farming operation reach new levels.

Steve O’Neill, Owner/Chief Executive Officer

We Are Going Back In Time  No, I am not talking about daylight savings…but how this year’s planting will be bringing us “back in time”.Normally, or maybe I should say in recent years, the soil temperatures would be close to 50 degrees by this time of year.  However, we are faced with soil being only in the low 40’s right now. Read More …

Every year new seed technologies, new farming practices and new insurance products come to market. Add on top of that the drastic volatility in today’s commodity markets and one’s financial picture can move dramatically. With all these constant changes how would a crop insurance agents’ recommendation of doing the “same” as last year ever be a benefit to your farming operation?

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Production is and always will be the most important increment of farm profitability. After all, without bushels there is no need to worry about risk management, your financials or market prices. What is the quickest way to increase your profitability? What is the quickest way to lower your break evens? What is the fastest way to decrease your cost per bushel? The answer to all of these questions is increased production.

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Finance is something all producers know is important but is something that most do not like to deal with or simply do not have the time to dig deep into the numbers. With the volatility in today’s markets it can make one’s financial picture look more like a puzzle. A thorough analysis of your farm’s well-being from Corn Capital Innovations will create a benchmark necessary to help you evaluate the success of future decisions.

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In a world of increasing volatility, commodity marketing has to be more than just a feeling of where the market is going or what was said in a blanket recommendation in some monthly newsletter. Today, each grower must have a marketing plan in place where they can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for unforeseen road bumps by being proactive and not reactive.

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