We Are Going Back In Time

No, I am not talking about daylight savings…but how this year’s planting will be bringing us “back in time”.

Normally, or maybe I should say in recent years, the soil temperatures would be close to 50 degrees by this time of year.  However, we are faced with soil being only in the low 40’s right now.

Due to this odd weather we will be planting like they used to “back in time”.  Think back to your Grandfather and Dad, back when farmers did not plant until mid-May, because that was the ‘norm’ and they weren’t worried about it either!  They also would set a goal to be done with the field work by Thanksgiving!

I think we will all be working with a new “old” schedule this year.  Don’t fret about it either, we might be planting like “back in time” however, we are all running with modern day equipment, so it will get done.

So don’t rush Mother Nature this year and have the patience to wait until the soil conditions are right for planting!


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