2013 Yields; Where Are We At?


We are seeing more separation in soil stresses from the combine these days and it is varying greatly across the country.  Soil stresses will indeed dictate whether you have a positive yield or a negative one.

This year overall yields for Renville County soybeans are better than expected. Corn however is a little lower than expected.  This is mostly due to the dry August and September.  We were listed as moderate to severe drought conditions by the US Drought Monitor

Put that on top of the dry conditions from 2012, when the sub soil was depleted more than we realized, and we can say that 2012 is affecting 2013.

The 2 years are interconnected due to the lack of soil recharging.  Yet, we still will have a decent crop in our area.

It seems most want to “determine that one thing” that was the cause of the yield variations.  However, it is never just one thing; it is 20 things that play a factor.  There is never just one solution either.

How do we best control variables that dictate yields?  By helping understand out of the 20 variables we can control, how do we improve our odds of success with each of those variables by as little as 1%.  All of these results in cropping plans that are better suited to the needs of each field, with the ability to maximize opportunity.

A plan is essential to “determining the many things” to expect!   Plan early, layout your fields and discuss each areas needs at least nine months to a year in advance. We can help you determine all of the factors for a crop plan for 2014 that truly fits your particular needs.  Contact us today or leave a message below!


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