Farming or Spring Training; Both Give You 4 Months to Prepare

Did you realize there are approximately 30 exhibition games before opening day for Major League Baseball teams? Spring training for the players actually begins already in February and I think most fans don’t get as excited about the pre-season as they should!

Spring training is the time needed to allow the players time to “get back into the swing of things” after taking a long season off.  It also gives the managers time to assess each individual player and to work with them on the position that best suits them.

These next four months are just as important to farmers. You have been in off-season since the end of harvest.  The time from now and until you make that first round in the field is the time to make your total farm business solution plan!

We strive to help farmers achieve their goals with our four components of profitability.  As you prepare for the coming season here are some tips to keep in mind.


  • Be sure you prepare and plant when the seedbed is in the best condition.  Dig down 2-4 inches and if the dirt sticks together, it is too wet. If the dirt crumbles it is ready.
  • Plant when the soil is 50 degrees and forecast is good for an increase.

Crop Insurance

  • Work with our team to provide multiple levels of coverage and pick the level that best fits your needs.
  • Ask about a yield adjustment option which allows the county average to be substituted on low yield years.

Grain Marketing

  • Each individual farm and farmer has different expectations; you need to work with the risk you are willing to tolerate.
  • No one can predict the future and there is no standard answer to marketing concerns, we have tools available to keep on top of current prices.

Financial Management and Analysis

  • Creating a business plan is a key factor to understanding where you are financially.
  • We can assist you with weighing the pros and cons of whether to make a major purchase.

We want to be your great hand in farming and would enjoy working with you on “spring training” to get ready for the season!

Contact us today and we will discuss how the four components of farm profitability can positively impact your farm business.

CCI is truly a Great Hand In Farming.  Got a start on the “pre-season”?  Tell us what you have done to prepare in the comments below!


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