Trails4Transplants Trail Ride May 31 – June 13, 2013

We are excited to support the Trails4Transplants charity and ride with a “Double Platinum” donation to support raising awareness for organ and tissue donation. We are passionate about this cause and hope you will help us in spreading the word and supporting Trails4Transplants too! You can visit and like their Facebook page and join in the ride! See details below for ride information and how Trails4Transports is helping others.

Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Ride
Trails4Transplants is a charity ride that takes horse and rider from Warren, MN to St. Anthony, ND, a total of 311 miles.

We ride for a noble cause. We are raising awareness for organ and tissue donation. Proceeds will go to the Gift of Life Transplant House in Rochester, MN, which is a facility where organ recipients and their families can stay at a reduced cost while awaiting or following a life-saving organ or tissue transplant.
We ride for our loved ones.

“My brother, Blake Johnson, died of a head injury sustained from an automobile accident on June 11, 2000 at the age of 19. Our family was asked to consider organ donation. We noticed he had indicated on his driver’s license that he would be an organ donor, so we knew it was what he would have wanted. Blake was the 19th organ donor from North Dakota that year. His gift of his heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas saved four lives. In 2011, our family met his heart recipient for the first time and were given the opportunity to listen to his heart with a stethoscope 11 years after his death. Blake’s legacy will continue through his decision to be an organ donor.”

-Ashley Peterson, Co-chair & Rider

“My son-in-law, Dave, received a liver transplant in 1998 when he was 26 years old. He went on to marry my daughter and have two children. Without the gift of organ donation, I would not have my precious grandchildren.”

-Roger Hille, Co-chair & Rider

Trail Schedule
Riders may join/stop at any leg of the trail.

May 31 Warren, MN to Manvel, ND -29 miles
June 1 Manvel to Emerado -20 miles
June 2 Emerado to Hatton – 24 miles
June 3 Hatton to Finley – 26 miles
June 4 Finley to Cooperstown – 20 miles
June 5 Cooperstown to Glenfield – 21 miles
June 6 Glenfield to Carrington – 26 miles
June 7 Carrington to Sykeston – 13 miles
June 8 Sykeston to Hurdsfield – 26 miles
June 9 Hurdsfield to Tuttle – 25 miles
June 10 Tuttle to Wing – 16 miles
June 11 Wing to Sterling – 21 miles
June 12 Sterling to Mandan – 20 miles
June 13 Mandan to St. Anthony – 24 miles

Become a Donor Now!
Register at the Donate Life’s website to be an official organ and tissue donor. Click here!

Rider Information
All experienced riders are welcome.

• $1/mile minimum cost for riders
• Additional sponsorship and contributions welcome
• Riders may join/stop at any leg of the trail
• Riders are responsible for all meals
• No stud horses or non-tethered foals allowed
• Current coggins test papers required for out-of-state horses
• Water for horses will be available at beginning, middle, and end of each day
• Support vehicles will be available to move trucks/trailers to next designated stop along trail if needed
• Each evening we will be staying at designated camping areas with bathroom facilities

Register Now!
Contact: Roger Hille
Call: 218-201-0589

Opportunities to sponsor this year’s event are:
Single Rider Sponsorship $311
Corporate Sponsorship $622
Platinum Sponsorship $933
Other sponsorships excepted as well
All are tax deductible 501(c) (3)
Checks should be made payable to:
31784 State Highway 1 NW
Warren, MN 56762


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