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Don’t Let Coffee Shop Talk Play a Factor in Your Crop Production Plan

Did you let coffee shop talk play a factor in your crop production plan….or did you have a good crop plan in place ready to deal with adversity?

Benefits of a Cropping Plan

Cropping PlanWe know, as well as you do, that the year is filled with obstacles.  Those who have a crop plan in place are prepared to limit the effect of those obstacles.

A crop plan establishes a set of goals to prepare you for obstacles that might arise by setting up a risk management plan that will keep the focus on maximizing your production and farm profitability. If there’s anything MN weather teaches us…..a good crop plan must include risk management.

At Corn Capital Innovations, we help you look at what this year has taught us as agriculture producers…..and what we need to change to create more opportunity for you in the coming year.  When you team with CCI, you will have the confidence to take responsibility for the outcome of your harvest.

Start Planning Today!

Plan for the next crop season today! Contact Corn Capital Innovations at (320) 523-2252 and take advantage of a great hand in farming. We can help ensure that you have a plan in place.

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What’s Your Crop Risk Management Strategy? Crop Insurance Deadline is March 15, 2015

Is your crop risk management strategy working for you? Are you losing sleep over the unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstances? Do you have a plan in place that gives you confidence that no matter what Mother Nature creates, you are positioned to grow and thrive?

Risk Management Package

Here at Corn Capital Innovations in Olivia our team is working with you to provide the best sleep insurance possible. We help develop a risk management package that:

We understand your farming operation is much more than just making a living but rather an opportunity to pass on a legacy to future generations to come.

Crop Insurance

Now’s the time to determine your crop insurance needs, before the March 15th deadline.  Each year brings different variables and that means a fresh look needs to be taken at how you are protecting your crop.

crop insuranceCrop Protection Options:

  • Revenue Protection
  • Production Protection
  • Named Peril Insurance, more than just hail coverage it can include fire, lightning, vandalism etc.
  • Add endorsements to cover additional perils.

Crop insurance decisions should be and must be more than just determining your risk tolerance.  Instead your decision should include your financial position, yield history and your upcoming marketing strategy.

Develop a Strategy

Learn more about Corn Capital Innovations and how we can help develop a risk management strategy for your operation. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review every policy and base the coverage on your farm operation and specific needs.

Don’t forget the deadline is March 15th, contact us today at (320) 523-2252. We can get you the protection needed and give you sleep insurance in 2015.

Is your risk management strategy working for you? Or are you looking for some sleep insurance?

An Innovative Approach to Risk Management

Risk ManagementAs the team at Corn Capital Innovations works with farmers to increase yields and create enhanced production strategies, we have realized the important need to provide an innovative approach to risk management.

At Corn Capital Innovations we have a whole multi-peril crop insurance agency that has access to multiple different insurance providers to supply the most innovative, unique, and effective products available for each farming operation that we work with.

With the new growing season fast approaching, having the right insurance plan in place will be a key asset into your profitability for the year.

If you have any concerns about market volatility, your current risk management strategies, or would like to sit down and learn more about the products that are available to your farm operation to help you sleep at night, call us at 320-523-2252.