More Wild Weather Expected

Heat-WaveI am sure you all are saying the same thing at the coffee shop… “is it hot enough for ya?”

Without a doubt it has been a wild weather year here in Minnesota!  With the April & May snow, slow start to summer (not getting here until mid-June!) and then we did get a nice 6 week stretch until again an unusual cold snap hit our area.

Now, here we are again in “summer” temperatures.  It is expected that we will have 90 degree weather right through Labor Day.  The blame for this late summer heat wave they say is a climate induced jet stream, and when this happens it can get “stuck” for weeks at a time.

How has the wild weather like the heat affected your progress up to today?  Did you do what you could possibly do to put this year’s crop in the correct stage to combat this current stress we are facing?

It is times like these, during extreme weather changes that we must be careful what we wish for, just 2 weeks ago everyone was worried about the heat needed to develop the crop up timely.  Now everyone is wishing for it to cool down to slow down the progress!

When it comes to predicting weather it’s considered a law of extremes.  We can only hope we have an average fall.

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