Meet Our New Office Coordinator – Allison Larsen

Have you ever met a long time farm girl who’s blind to tractor colors? Meet Allison Larsen our new Office Coordinator. Her moto is…”As long as it runs great, I don’t care what color it is!”

Born & Raised a Farm Girl

Allison LarsenAllison came from a long line of farmers and grew up on a local farm. She was a 2001 graduate at Renville County West High School. She remembers, “My sibling and I used to take lunch out to the field to my dad. We would race out to him bareback on our horses. Flying across the open fields was the best times ever. I also love calving season.”

In 2003, she married her husband Dustin and in 2004 they brought her grandparent’s farm. They grow corns and soybeans and do some haying on their farm. They also raise beef cattle and have horses, goats, chickens, dog and cats.

Allison is Farm Tough

Allison enjoys spending time with her family, she has three children (Kylee 10, Garet 7, and Raegin 3). She also loves hunting, fishing and trail riding. She says proudly, “I can sit still and last longer in a tree stand during slug deer season than most guys I know and I can bait my own fishing hook!” Yep, that’s pretty awesome!

Stop By & Meet Allison

We are excited to welcome Allison Larsen to our team. Allison loves anything to do with farming and is excited to work with farmers at AgVenture Pinnacle. Stop by our office in Olivia and say “hi”!

Allison is currently “learning the ropes” from our long time Office Coordinator Tammy Park who’s last day in the office will be on April 28th, 2016. Don’t worry, we’re giving her an epic send off. Watch for a farewell blog post soon! Please contact us if you have any additional questions.





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