In Life You Get What You Give

In celebration of another great year, we held our appreciation event last week with our amazing clients, co-workers and friends.  The event was a wonderful success and we truly are grateful for your patronage over the last year.

We hope that you enjoyed V.J. Smith as much as all of us from Corn Capital Innovations did!  He was such a powerful speaker! If you were unable to attend the event, we found the perfect video to show you what we all learned that evening.  This seven minute clip is full of snippets of what V.J. shared with us in Olivia.  He introduced us to Marty, the richest man in town.  Being loved, respected and content with every part of his life, with no regrets – that is what makes a rich man and that is Marty; a cashier at Wal-mart!

VJ Smith – The Richest Man in Town

We wanted to make this evening inspiring; something for you to really enjoy and connect with.  It’s our way of saying thank you! Please enjoy our collection of photos from the event below.

Here are a few quotes from V.J. Smith’s speech that caught our attention:
“It doesn’t take talent to hustle.”
“Farm kids grew up hustling, always did and always will!”
“People need to decide to get happy.”
“Remember, in life you get what you give!”

How were you as inspired by Marty’s story?  Was there a quote from V.J. Smith’s speech that you connected with? Please share in the comments. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!



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