“I Spy CCI Gear” Contest Winners

Every now and then you gotta have a little fun… and that’s just what we did with our own little version of the game “I Spy”! We thoroughly enjoyed each photo entry. They brightened our day and gave all of us at CCI a few good laughs.

We appreciate you all playing along and voting for your favorites.  Let us share the winners with you…

First Place
First Place Winners









Congrats to the 1st Place Winners – Anji, Jenni, & Madonna of AgVenture, Inc.. They each received a Corn Capital Innovations Sweatshirt!

Second Place
Second Place Winner













Congrats to the 2nd Place Winner – Bryanne.  She received 50 yummy bags of Corn Capital Innovations popcorn!

Plus a BIG thank you to each of our contest participants, you will all be receiving a Corn Capital Innovations T-Shirt!!

I Spy CCI Gear Entries 400









Corn Capital Innovations:  A great hand in farming  (and a lot of fun too!)


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