Higher Input Costs? Maybe We Just Need to Change Our Attitudes!

Worried about high input costs? Most farmers are. But why worry about them when you actually have very limited control over them anyways. Instead why not focus on something you can control that will have a major impact on your income as a farmer this next year! Why not raise your corn yield averages high enough to compensate for increases in costs, regardless of how much they go up? In fact, why not double your ROI (Returns On Investment) over the next 3-5 years? How many inputs could you pay for with those kinds of yields and these record market prices? But right now you are probably laughing at the thought of being able to get returns that high on your farm. Well you shouldn’t be. Every bag of seed corn you plant has the capability of producing 500-600 bushels per acre. Why shouldn’t you be raising half of that potential every year?

Starting right now, farmers need to change their attitudes as producers. They need to start understanding that their real job is to raise higher yields as their means to getting gross profits so high that the impact of input costs on profits is extremely low. They must decide that their job is to capture the opportunity that is before them with high market prices and create record high ROIs. They need to produce record numbers of bushels this crop season. At Corn Capital Innovations we call that the ROI Factor, it is the real secret to future success in the farming business over the next 5 years.

ROI is the net gain or loss from a business investment and is the secret to every corn producer’s success in the 21st century. ROI is the only factor in production agriculture that today’s growers need to monitor. Grain markets are at record high levels, demand for grains will continue to remain strong and more and more crop performance tools are coming available to help farmers raise better crops. Farmers need to learn how to guide their growth and profitability in this changing market place and the ROI factor is their key measure for doing that. Growers need to be thinking about doing everything they can do to double or even triple their ROIs in the next few years. Watch for more in this series of articles on The ROI Factor that will help you work toward your goals. When everyone else is talking about saving you money, you need to be planning to raise your income higher than you ever dreamed possible. It’s called Maximizing Your ROI…and it’s your future.

Have a great spring!




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