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What’s Your Prediction This Spring?

iStock_000018497438MediumThis time of year is “prediction time” where everyone is predicting when these cool temperatures will finally be gone.  We’re trying to predict when we will begin to see equipment moving throughout the fields along with predicting moisture need for this upcoming growing season.

After the temps are finally on a consistent upswing, you will see a flurry of pre-planting and planting activity; in fact this weekend I drove by a number of farmers jumping right in.

The amount of snow we had this winter, even with the late snow fall, would lead most to believe that we will have ample moisture; however, we did come off a very dry year for most of our area.  I think that moisture levels are yet to be determined and it is questionable that we will have ample moisture if timely rains don’t occur.

Predicting field time… with last year being such an early planting season, we are seeing that this year is more typical of history.  History being how Grandpa and Dad used to plant, not until mid-May when it was the normal time to plant!

We would love to hear what you foretell this season to be, whether by your observation, experience or even scientifically speaking.  Leave a comment below!