Drones in Agriculture

Growing Season 2016

Let’s just say it’s been one heck of a growing season here in Minnesota. Farmers and their fields have endured strong storms, heavy rain and frequent drowned outs. It’s definitely been a challenge.

AgVenture Drone

We’ve been keeping an eye on Agventure Customer’s fields using our drone. This give us a birds-eye view of the condition of the entire field, not just the end rows.  This picture was taken from our drone of a local corn field that received some damage after a storm earlier this summer.

Damaged Corn Field

Crop Insurance

We understand the importance of crop insurance…and the 2017 growing season will be no different. We know that farmers don’t normally start thinking about crop insurance this time of year. But we want to “plant the seed” and give you a bit of info to consider.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Understand the role of crop insurance and how it should tie into your marketing strategy.
  • Pick a policy based on what is best for your operation, not simply based on the cheapest cost.
  • Understand that crop insurance can be used for much more than just catastrophic yield loss

More information on Crop Insurance

Happy Harvest

As the growing season comes to an end, we wish you all a profitable and safe harvest season. From planting and crop insurance, to growing and harvest…we are always here to help. Please give our team a call if you need more information 320-523-2252.

Drone Farming – Register Your Drone!

The use of drones in agriculture is gaining in popularity. Drone farming is a tool that can lead to more accurate and timely crop production decisions. The level of education and understanding in how to treat a crop is paramount from the air. After all, a bird’s eye view of your fields is the quickest way to see and interpret if you need to take action in your production strategies.

Read More About the Benefits of Drone Farming & Other Drone Uses 

Register Your Drone

Drone Farming - Register Your DroneIf you’re considering purchasing a drone for your farming operation, please be aware that it needs to be registered. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently announced that owners are required to register their drones or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in order to fly them. Below are a few guidelines.

  • All drones weighing between .55 and 55 pounds must be registered. Larger drones may require registration by mail.
  • Your drone must be registered even if it is only flown on private property.
  • You must have your certificate of registration with you at all times when flying your drone.
  • Failure to register your drone could result in civil penalties up to $27,500, criminal penalties and fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three years.

For more information or to register your drone, please visit http://www.faa.gov/uas/registration.

Bird’s Eye View of Harvest From Our Drone

Here at AgVenture Pinnacle in Olivia, our drone serves two important purposes to our business.

  1. It’s a great tool for use during our agronomy work.
  2. It’s another set of eyes for us to see what is going on in our customer’s fields.

Below is a video of the AgVenture drone in action during a previous harvest season. Take a look!

Let our experienced team help you determine if you need to take action in your production strategies using cutting edge technology like drones. Please contact us at (320) 523-2252!