Corn Capital Forum

Corn Capital Forum (CCF)
 sessions are a series of formal, intensive educational programs designed to provide growers with the latest, hands-on information and profit strategies for raising record yields.  Corn Capital Forums introduce our customers to the Maximum Profit System (MPS), which is a scientific based program designed to help growers reach new, unheard yield levels.  We offer at least three sessions throughout the year in order to bring relevant information that can make a true difference in your farming operation.  These production based seminars are designed to educate Corn Capital Innovations customers on the true difference makers responsible for achieving maximum yields each year and raising overall long profitability by implementing the Maximum Profit System.

None of our sessions are ever spent discussing specific hybrids, varieties, test plots or yield data.  Instead we talk about the areas that matter most to you and your crop production system.  After all, no two growing seasons are ever the exact same so how does chasing plot test winners ever help a grower in their farming operation?  To succeed in today’s environment, growers need to get yields as high as possible and reduce their total cost per bushel. As the price of inputs rise, the only way to make a profit is to produce more.

Our Corn Capital Forums are the foundation for our customer educational program.  It is also the highlight of our relationship with each of our growers to help pass along expert knowledge on how to achieve maximum profit from their crops.  Mark your calendars for upcoming seminars to increase your farming knowledge base.  We guarantee that you will find our CCF’s to be both exciting and challenging.

Corn Capital Forum are an invitation only and you must be a customer of Corn Capital Innovations, LLC. to attend.

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