Farming is Like Playing Cards

Farming is like Playing CardsI have heard that farming is a lot like playing cards. There is always a certain amount of risk involved and there is often a lot of money at stake. The only difference between playing cards and farming is that you cannot fold your hand when farming… have to work with the hand that mother nature has dealt you.

That is where Corn Capital Innovations comes in. We help you to optimize your control of the table through the four components of farming: production, crop insurance, financial analysis and grain marketing. You shouldn’t ever have to bluff your way to a better year. We better the odds that make farming a bit of a gamble.

Even though mother nature is constantly shuffling the deck we’ll help you feel more comfortable with whatever may come your way.

Working with Corn capital Innovations is like having a couple of wild cards in your hand so you can raise the pot in the world series of farming.

Want to learn more on how we can help? Contact Us today and we’ll make sure you’ve got the wild cards in your deck.


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