2012 Had its Set-Backs, Yet Many Great Come-Backs Too

It is that time of year when harvest is complete, the Holidays are underway and we find ourselves reminiscing on the past year.  2012 certainly had its set-backs, but also had many great come-backs for most farmers too.   This is the time of year when we think of the positive outcomes and focus on setting goals for next year.  It’s also the time to really remember what we have been given and who we have had the privilege of working with.  The past year has truly been a huge success for us in getting to know you better and helping maximize your farming business and needs.

In celebration of another great year, we held our appreciation event last week with our amazing clients, co-workers and friends.  The event was a wonderful success and we truly are grateful for your patronage over the last year.

We wanted to make this event something special and inspiring; something for you to really enjoy and relate to!  Scott, High Yield Specialist, met Ron “Gus” Gustafson of Fully Armed a while back and he immediately knew he wanted Gus to share his story with you too.  During the event we had the pleasure of listening to Gus tell us his story in person.

Gus is a man who has turned personal tragedy into triumph.  Listening to his heart-touching message was unforgettable and very inspiring!  2012 had its challenges for all of us, but Gus’ story made us realize that we too can turn our set-backs into come-backs.

Who is “Gus”

Raised on a farm in Lyons, Nebraska, Ron “Gus” Gustafson was a standout basketball player in high school in spite of having lost his right arm and shoulder in a tragic childhood farm accident. After a knee injury ended his collegiate basketball career, he was devastated. But, once again, his faith and courage sustained him and he redirected his energies, building outstanding academic and business careers.

Watching Gus spin a basketball, then a football helmet, from one finger to the next, was fun and encouraging to see.  Gus told many great stories, some hard to imagine, about the difficult situations he has been able to overcome throughout his life.  Gus taught us that we should always have the courage to face the next challenge; all things are possible, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.

With a theme of overcoming obstacles and our thankfulness for all we have been given, Joel, Director of Grower Development, reminded us of That Inspiring Past “Take Time for Ten Things”.  What a great way to start each day with these 10 simple ideas to stay positive and remember those who we are thankful for.

1. Take time to work.  It is the price of success

2. Take time to think.  It is the source of Power.

3. Take time to play.  It is the secret of youth.

4. Take time to read.  It is the foundation of knowledge.

5. Take time to worship.  It is the highway to reverence.

6. Take time to enjoy friends.  It is the source of happiness.

7. Take time to love.  It is the sacrament of life.

8. Take time to dream.  It hitches the soul to the stars.

9. Take time to laugh.  It lightens life’s burdens.

10. Take time to Pray.  It helps bring Christ near and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

Source: Future Farmers of America, Minnesota 1930-1955 – Agnes Harrigan Mueller

We are so thankful for you; our clients, co-workers and friends, and we are glad you were able to spend an evening in celebration with us.  We look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2013!

The entire evening was very nice and motivational!  You are truly making the most of your gifts as well as overcoming your challenges and that is proven with the quality of friends and customers that gathered last evening.  You and your team put together an absolute first rate evening and I am proud and honored to be the insurance advisor for your team. – Joel H.

Were you as inspired as we were by Gus’ story and accomplishments in life?  Tell us what your favorite story Gus shared was in the comments below!


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